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Solutions for every size team and business

The companies Mira serves run the gamut.

The results do not. 

The company that gets the most value out of partnering with Mira is not defined by industry, size, or geography.


This company is constantly looking for ways to work smarter, not harder and ways to utilize their team members in less transactional ways.

This company is making data-driven decisions, so they need systems to control budgets, track usage, monitor demand, and manage inventory effectively.

What our clients say...

Business Owners

We know your business is always evolving, so we provide personalized services that grow as your business grows. Whether your needs are turnkey or project-based, Mira can provide flexible solutions to match all of your brand resource management needs.

"Since we have numerous brands across Canada, the ability to edit in real time (logos, URL’s, phone number, and pricing) all collateral and apparel makes this an awesome platform for each and every one of our Franchise Partners."


Craig, Business Owner

"Mira delivers all marketing services in one place - convenient and easy; what truly sets them aside is they get the job done every single time. Five stars!!"

Ed, VP of Marketing


Marketing Leadership

You work with multiple vendors, freelancers, and agencies. Mira gives you the platform to align all your brand assets across multiple teams and organizations. Access and ship company-branded materials online, in real time, 24/7.

Design Teams

Your team has spent long hours on developing specific guidelines and brand standards. Mira gives you peace of mind, knowing that we adhere to the same standards for quality control and brand consistency as you do. Build it and forget it. Mira will maintain and protect the brand you’ve created.

"From a design perspective, I believe Mira is a good steward of our brand. 100%, I would recommend them to another colleague or business."

Bret, Designer


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