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Brand resource management with a human touch

Mira organizes, produces and distributes all of a company's branded assets.

The result: brand management made easier, faster and more efficient.

Reduce costs


20%: The savings our clients typically experience.


Through a variety of product offerings combined with 50 years of managing branded assets, the cost savings come from:


  • Reducing errors and redundancies 

  • Capitalizing on buying power

  • Consistent, analytics-driven recommendations

Save time


While Mira does not have a solution (yet) for all of those meetings that should have been an email, our clients typically experience significant time savings; one client actually saved 2,000 hours annually. How? Great question - streamlining vendors and processes. 

Protect your brand


Mira helps companies protect their brand fiercely while ensuring message and experience remains consistent throughout the channel, local partner, or distributor— without shackling their ability to launch localized programs and campaigns. 

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