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Want  to be part of our future?

Mira is a small but mighty (and growing!) company - in business since 1971; woman-owned and family-owned since day one.


Our clients vary in size (start-up to Fortune 100), industry, and geography. 


We’ve always believed in substance over fluff, so we don’t have nap pods or a vintage pinball room. But, we do have a culture of curious, thoughtful, experienced people who show up (in every sense of the word) every day.


We ask smart, sometimes hard, questions. We speak frankly and sing praises generously. Everyone is treated like a member of the family (for better or for worse.)

Inspiration - People jumping on hilltop.

We’re always looking for the right folks to join our team.


If you like what you see but there’s not currently an open position that fits, drop us a line!

Thanks for submitting!

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