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Mira Case Study: 46% Savings and Streamlined Facility Launches

Partnering with Mira allowed a fast-growing medical startup to save money and time while scaling rapidly.

Spoiler Alert

  • 46% savings on branded assets

  • 64% reduction in invoices

  • Slashed 10 hours + 15% cost from new facility launch

The Customer


  • 2010: 1 Location

  • Currently: 30+ nationwide

  • Extremely competitive industry resulting in ever-shifting content and tight deadlines

At Stake

  • State by state compliance and potential resulting federal fines

  • „Brand integrity

  • Quality standards

  • Increase market share

The Solution

Brand resource management:

  • Organize, produce, and distribute all of this company’s branded assets from a centralized platform

  • Smart billing


The Challenge

In 2010, this blazing hot medical start-up knew that, in order to hit their aggressive goals, they must build out scalable systems on the front end.

They knew that they had to produce and distribute properly branded, compliant materials to new and existing facilities quickly and effectively, while maintaining an incredibly lean corporate staff.

Enter Mira

Mira's full-service approach to brand resource management provided a single-source solution for Springstone resulting in corporate brand, budget, and inventory control with local flexibility.

The Results

Brand Resource Management

All of the company’s branded assets were loaded to a single, secure platform ensuring integrity, quality, and consistency across the board. User access was rigorously vetted and tested to ensure facility and state requirements were met. Finally, lead time on receiving critical clinical and operational materials in hands was reduced from weeks to days. In addition, Mira implemented and managed an ironclad inventory + nomenclature management process. The results:

  • State and federal compliance amongst ever-changing regulations „

  • Company-wide, monthly material pre-order program: 46% cost savings + 12 hours of time per facility per month

  • Smart billing: 64% reduction in invoice generation

New Facility Launch

Due to growing 30x in less than a decade, a scalable process for new facility launch was needed. We supported every one of the facility openings to ensure the grand openings and resulting occupancy went off without a hitch. Partnering with Mira yielded savings of 10 hours + 15% cost per launch.

Branded Apparel Ordering Process

With high turn-over, this process was expensive, time-consuming, and constant. With Mira, Springstone experienced 20% cost savings and 7 hours of time per facility/month. How?

  • Aggregated production 2x per week for all facilities

  • „Each order individually packaged for ease of facility distribution

  • Eliminated stocking requirement

  • Internal administrators removed from employee direct ordering/payment process

Download a free copy of this case study

MRA.MK.15_04_Medical Startup_CaseStudy
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