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Kelly began her journey with Mira in 1971 in the back bedroom with her parents and siblings. She re-joined the company full-time after graduating from the University of Louisville in 1983. Kelly’s jam is getting our clients out of jams, as she’s delivered on many ‘hail mary’ requests over the years.


Outside of Mira, Kelly enjoys trying new restaurants, a glass of bubbly on her back patio, and spending time with her grand-dog, Owen.

Kelly Abney, President

2nd Generation


Ken was also a part of the back bedroom crew in 1971.  After graduating from the University of Louisville, he re-joined the company full-time in 1985. Ken has worn many, many hats at Mira (salesman, press operator, production artist, etc.). He is excellent at utilizing this diverse knowledge base to brainstorm out-of-the-box ideas for our clients.


When he’s not at Mira, Ken loves cheering on the UL Cardinals and rough-housing with his grandchildren.

Ken Minogue, Vice President

2nd Generation

Christina Headshot.jpg

Since 2018, Christina has been responsible for all things client experience. She ensures that everyone who comes in contact with Mira, on a small or large scale, leaves with a delightful, memorable experience. Oh, and she manages the Mira brand too; we’re not usually ones to toot our own horns, but *toot toot*.


Christina loves to travel the world with her husband and go to local breweries with their  pup, Owen.

Christina Searcy, Director of Client Experience

3rd Generation


Joining Mira in 2015, Sara makes sure all of Mira’s clients get what they need, on time and on budget. She's an expert at all things production and cares about our clients' brands as much as they do (if not more!).


When she’s not juggling her 8-mile long to do list, Sara loves spending time outdoors – kayaking, hiking, national park hopping. When she does find herself indoors, she can't get enough Spanish television and movies!

Sara Minogue, Operations Manager

3rd Generation

Dylan Headshot.png

Before joining the Mira team in 2020, Dylan spent time in minor league baseball and arena advertising. At Mira, he is responsible for, well, all aspects of business development. He constantly collaborates with the Mira sales & marketing team to foster a competitive, but supportive team resulting in a winning environment.


Dylan loves to travel, golf, hike - essentially anything active and outdoors.

Dylan Baker, Business Development Manager


Last but certainly not least, Mira's mascot is a young beagle named Owen. His skill set includes sneaking contraband sticks into the house, interrupting Zoom meetings, and shredding anything he can get his paws on!

When Owen isn't working, he loves naps on the couch, snacking on apples, and hikes

Owen Searcy, Mira Mascot

4th Generation

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